Year End Field Trip to Vancouver!! June 5/6 2017

All of our outings this year culminated in our overnight field trip to Vancouver . It was a fantastic ending to an equally fantastic year. We were extremely proud of how well our students handled themselves in the big city. For several of our students it was their first experience leaving the island. Granville Island, Burrard Bridge, Downtown, Gastown, Old Spaghetti Factory, slam poetry on Commercial Drive, Ricky’s, and then, of course, the Museum of Anthropology. Looking back, it didn’t make a lot of sense to do the museum last. We’d been together for over 30 hours. Tempers were starting to flare, hissy fits were became routine…. As we left the museum I was still feeling emotionally overwhelmed at the stunning collection of art and architecture at this world-class establishment. When I made the mistake of asking one of our students how he liked the museum, he replied: “I saw literally everything in 10 minutes, meh, it was pretty boring.” I took a few deep breaths and then walked away. It was going to be a long ferry ride home. But honestly, it was a terrifically successful trip, and we were blown away, once again, with how well our students supported one another through a new, challenging experience.


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