October 2020 – Outdoor Laser Tag; Indigenized Zombie Apocalypse Survival Training; Nala’atsi Adventure Club Hike, Nile Creek

In light of the realities of the Covid era the Nala’atsi crew is spending more time exploring and appreciating this beautiful land that we call home. All of our outings this fall have been outdoors – and what’s more – no one is complaining! Outdoor Laser Tag is an annual event that students anticipate and staff dread, and this year was no exception. Students had a fantastic time, taking particular delight in encircling and then thoroughly destroying Rory. Before we’d returned to the school there were requests for another round of laser tag this school year. Highly unlikely. Later in October we participated in an Indigenized Zombie Apocalypse Survival training workshop with Daryle Mills at Comox Lake. Students learned survival essentials, including how to start a fire without a lighter. It took some time, but within the hour we had a couple fires going. Thank you Daryle for being such an entertaining and knowledgeable guide, as always! Finally, the Nala’atsi Adventure Club completed its inaugural mission this week – the Nile Creek hike. Students demonstrated their new survival skills on the hike, fully prepared to camp out overnight as they anticipated their guide getting them lost (such little faith). But against all odds we made it back to the school safe and sound – a little muddy, a little sore, but with an extra glow and a sense of accomplishment too.

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