May 29-30, 2019 – Year-end Field Trip to Vancouver

Nala’atsi year-end field trip to Vancouver! Ferry rides, Science World, Aqua Bus, pirate ships, Granville Island, Theatre Sports Improv Night, counting Teslas (Clayton counted 61), and a fantastic tour of the Museum of Anthropology. An excellent finale to what has been a really great year at Nala’atsi!

May 6 / 7, 2019 – Smoking Salmon with Lelaina

Over the course of two days the incredible Lelaina Jules guided a number of Nala’atsi students through the process of smoking salmon. Our students filleted and brined the fish on Monday, and then prepared the smoker and helped keep the fire going at the right temperature throughout the day on Tuesday. The smoked salmon turned out brilliantly (although it wasn’t finished until after school had ended so Rory had to sample it all by himself). Thank you Lelaina!


April 25, 2019 – Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre

Yesterday the Nala’atsi crew headed over to Hornby Island for an action-packed day at Tribune Bay Outdoor Education Centre. Alex, our fearless leader, guided us through a kayaking trip along the tranquil & stunning Tribune Bay. Afterwards, many of our students summoned the courage to scale the high ropes course, while the rest of us looked on in horror. Heart palpitations aside, we’re really impressed by our students’ ability to push through their fears & their willingness to try new things. Thank you Tribune Bay for a fantastic day! 

Monday, April 15 – Introduction to Pottery with Kindle & Elders

On Monday, April 15th the lovely Kindle Dion led Nala’atsi students, staff, and some of our favourite Elders (Hazel, Karen, & Maureen) through an introductory pottery workshop. We learned several comical pottery terms and a number of pottery techniques, and we all had a blast making our own pottery creations. Check out the photos below for said creations (in their early stages). Thank you Kindle, Hazel, Karen, and Maureen for a really enjoyable afternoon!