Nala’atsi Student Work!

This page is intended to celebrate the excellent work that our students produce on a daily basis. We are privileged to work with such an inspiring and thoughtful group of young people. This page will include: writing, art, poetry, lyrics, music, and so on. For the time being, this will be Nala’atsi student work ‘from home’ edition as we continue with social distancing.

Nala’atsi student Brandi has been keeping herself busy with several art projects, including these two awesome paintings using water colours!

Several Nala’atsi students have been putting together delicious meals at home using the hampers assembled by Heather and Margo. Nicely done everyone – looks delicious!  

Nala’atsi student Reagyn has been cooking and baking up a storm from home, while earning credit towards Food Studies 10! From left to right: a vegan soup, mini cheesecakes, and brownies. Nicely done Reagyn!

nick-dog walk   nick walk photo

Staying active during social distancing: Nicolas Brown has been taking his dog out for walks almost every day – getting exercise and banking hours towards PE 10, too!

fit bank - madison

Madison is staying active at home using her Wii Fit Plus, which us old people don’t really understand, but we think it’s awesome that she’s using technology to create interesting work-out routines. Madison writes: “This is my “Fit Bank” – it tracks activity time, calories and total time spent on the game. It also changes colour after certain markers (bronze, silver, and gold). Today I made it to sliver.” Great work Madison!

Chaylene – English First Peoples 12
Question: “What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Indigenous’?”
Answer: “When I hear the word Indigenous I think of acceptance. I think of how my people greet each person with open arms. I think of the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Everyone helps raise our children: aunts, uncles, friends. I think of all the strong Indigenous Elders in my life – Daryle Mills and David Somerville come to mind. I think of how much strength my people have, how we fight to keep our culture alive. I think how we are encouraged to keep hush about Canada’s dark past of genocide. I think of how we will not be silenced. I think of strong Indigenous women and my stolen sisters, and how much it pains my heart thinking of my sisters whose lives have been snatched. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of our stolen sisters. Most of all, I think ‘proud.’ I am proud to be an Indigenous woman.”



Brandon Gane aka Maximum Gane is a Nala’atsi graduate and also an aspiring hip hop artist. In his lyrics Brandon explores identity, spirituality, and the realities of being a young, Indigenous rapper today. Check out the video below, and also visit his Soundcloud site.


Acrylic and Silicone Paint Pours

Kaycee Williams:


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