Nala’atsi Sound Engineering Program

The Nala’atsi Sound Engineering Program started in the fall of 2016. Several students have really gravitated towards the recording process and are learning how to use recording technology while honing their own skills. We use Cubase and FL Studio as our primary software, and are learning the essentials of studio recording as well as beat-making. We have some great microphones, a fancy new MIDI controller, an 8 input interface, and several other exciting toys. Stay tuned for some new recordings soon!


(For students): Below are the notes for lessons 1 and 2.



If you are a musician/band/hip hop artist and are interested in us taking you to the NEXT LEVEL (and probably landing a multi-million dollar contract with a major label) contact Rory for bookings:
*** Nala’atsi Records does insist upon full legal ownership of artist’s soul upon entering recording contract.