UNIT 7: Dispelling Stereotypes (Persuasive Essay)

There are many harmful myths and stereotypes held towards Indigenous peoples in Canada today (and elsewhere). And while this really sucks, it also means that it’s imperative for us to fight these pernicious ideas. One of the most effective ways to do this is through EDUCATING OURSELVES, so that we can then educate others, spread awareness, and shut down these harmful ideas. You’re probably going to meet some very confused people who hold some of these views – so why not be prepared? For a little intro, check out this Wab Kinew video below:

ACTIVITY 1: Dispelling Common Myths

The link below is an excellent resource that takes on 9 of the most commonly held stereotypes towards Indigenous peoples in Canada. Do Indigenous people in Canada really not pay taxes? Are Indigenous people getting a “free ride”, as your friend’s racist uncle likes to argue?? Let’s take a closer look: Dispelling Common Myths

After reading through this document, I’d like you to choose ONE of the nine myths. Once you’ve chosen one of the myths you’re going to write a persuasive essay that completely dispels that myth.

As you probably guessed, we’re using the 5 paragraph format again. But this will be the last time I promise! Refer to the last two units for guidelines if you need a refresher. Please have Rory or Margo approve your outline before starting your essay.